Wet Bulb Globe Temperature WBGT Heat Index Checker 8778

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  • Portable Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, WBGT Meter
  • Model: AZ8778, Brand: AZ, Made in Taiwan
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This is the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Heat Index Checker 8778 Heat Stress Monitor Digital WBGT Meter with 75mm Black Ball for Checking Indoor/outdoor WBGT, TA/TG and Humidity.

Features of Wet Bulb Globe Temperature:

  • Check Indoor/outdoor WBGT, TA/TG, and Humidity
  • A very useful tool to prevent heat stroke
  • Check dangerous heat conditions through WBGT
  • Programmable audible beeper for danger zone warning
  • The black ball thermometer is for measuring radiant temperature with a 75 mm dia. black ball
  • Protect sensors with a clear sheath moving up and down
  • Easy to self-calibrate relative humidity with 33% & 75% salt bottle by moving the black ball and clear tube
  • Tripod receptacle design for long-term temperature monitoring
  • Built-in PC interface for real-time download and data analysis
  • Adjustable WBGT alarm threshold

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature WBGT bulb


Specification of 8778 Portable WBGT Monitor:

Temperature Range0~50℃
Temperature Resolution0.1℃, 0.1℉
Temperature Accuracy±0.6℃
Humidity Range0.1~99.9% RH
Humidity Resolution0.1% RH
Humidity Accuracy±3%RH (at 25℃, 10~90%RH); others ±5%RH
Global Temperature (Inside Black Ball)0~80℃
Global Temp. Accuracy (Indoor)±1℃at 15~40℃, others ±1.5℃
Global Temp. Accuracy (Outdoor)±1.5℃at 15~40℃, others ±2℃
Black Ball SizeDiameter 75 mm, Height 75 mm
Stabilization Time15~25 minutes typical
RH% Self CalibrationWith 33% & 75% Salt Bottle
Operating Temperature0~50℃
Operating RH%Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature-20~50℃
Storage RH%Humidity <90%
LCD Size33(L) * 28(W) mm
Meter Size278.2(L) * 75(W) * 75(H) mm
Battery life>250 hours
Standard PackageMeter, Batteries, Manual, Paper Box
Optional AccessoryUSB Software Kit, 33% & 75 % Salt Bottle
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