PHENOL, Carbolic Acid for Snake Repellent

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  • PHENOL or Carbolic Acid
  • For Snake, and insect Repellent
  • Pack Size: 30ml (Glass Bottle)
  • Caution: এটি মানব শরীরের জন্য খুবই ক্ষতিকর একটি কেমিক্যাল। তাই সতর্কতার সাথে, সেফটি ইকুইপমেন্ট সহ ব্যবহার করুন।
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Carbolic Acid for Snake Repellent is an essential product for those who are afraid of poisonous snakes and insects in their house, especially on rainy days, it becomes more critical. If you put four at the corners of the house and one at the gate (a total of five), you can assume that your house is fairly safe. Rules: Put the bottom half of the bottle in soil or sand and open the mouth, if there is no such place around the house, put sand or soil in a separate container and put the bottom half in it so that the bottle does not fall. Caution: Direct hand. Can’t be touched, chicks and poultry should be kept out of the reach of animals (cover the top with a net or mesh if necessary).

  • If you are worried about snakes, you can try using it.
  • Venomous snakes can’t stand its smell.
  • Venomous insects also stay away from carbolic.
  • It can be used to keep your home environment safe.
  • We guarantee the working products.
  • Packed in Bangladesh.

Caution: This is a very harmful chemical for the human body. So use with caution, with safety equipment.


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