Nichipore 2 inch

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  • Nichipore
  • Size: 50mm x 6m
  • Nichipore Surgical Tape
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Nichipore 2-inch tape consists of pulp-polyester nonwoven fabric and acrylic adhesive.

  • For fixing gauze and bandages
  • For fixing catheters and tubes
  • For scar protection

Features of Nichipore 2 inch: 

  • Highly versatile Because it fits well on the skin, it has an excellent fixation on areas with lots of sebum such as the forehead. This tape can be used for many purposes.
  • Easy to hand-tearing
  • Easy to treat because it can be easily torn by hand.
  • X-ray transmission
  • There is no shadow of the tape during X-ray photography.
  • Reduces UV transmission
  • It can cut off UV rays, one of the causes of pigmentation.
  • Moderate moisture permeability and air permeability


  • Do not apply directly to a wound.
  • If symptoms such as rash, redness, and itchiness appear during use, discontinue use.
  • Please remove slowly along the flow of hair so as not to damage the skin.
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