Loctite 242 Threadlocker Adhesive 50ml Pack

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  • Loctite Thread-Locking Adhesive
  • Pack Size: 50 mL
  • Brand: Henkel
  • Made in India

Labtex is a seller and supplier of Loctite 242 Threadlocker Adhesive in Bangladesh which is a German product made by Henkel.

  • LOCTITE® 242 is a medium-strength thread-locking adhesive
  • Medium Strength – Removable with hand tools
  • Quick Fixture Time
  • 50 ML Regular Pack
  • Works on less active substrates also
  • Prevents loosening and leakage from shock & vibration: It occupies all gaps between the mating threads and cures into a hard thermoset plastic that strengthens the assembly against shocks and seals the threads.
  • Fluorescent: It has a characteristic blue color that fluoresces under UV light. This helps during service to detect whether or not the product has been applied.
  • Medium strength: When required, assemblies locked with this can be easily removed using standard hand tools.
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Uses of Loctite 242 Threadlocker Adhesive

Threaded fasteners are used to prevent loosening and leakage. Particularly suitable for applications such as pump or motor mounting bolts, engine rocker nuts, or equipment housing screws, where disassembly with hand tools is required for servicing. By using it, the nuts and bolts of the engine are tight, thereby increasing the durability of the engine.

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