Fabric Moisture Meter DM200T

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  • Digital Textile Moisture Meter
  • Model: DM200T
  • Ideal for Textile, Clothing, Spinning, Viscose, Leather, etc.
  • Quick and Accurate Result

The textile moisture meter DM200T is a high-performance and digital moisture testing equipment by our company based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology. The instrument adopts a high-frequency principle, digital display, sensors, and main body together as one, equipped with ten gears to measure different kinds of Cotton Clothes, Yarn, etc. This moisture meter has high-precision measuring instruments and is small in size, lightweight, and portable for on-site testing. Textile industry testing of moisture in the production process of the ideal instrument.

High-Performance Digital Textile Moisture Meter DM200T, Result in 1 Second. 

  • Its integrative design is convenient to carry outside for testing.
  • Digital display with back light gives exact reading although you stay at the somber conditions.
  • It is small, lightweight, and easy to carry out for fieldwork if needed.
  • Manual off at any time.
  • Low price but high performance
Display:4 digital LCD
Measuring range :0-2% & 0-90%
Measuring condition: Temperature:0-60°C, Humidity:5%-90%RH
Resolusion:0.1 or 0.01
Accuracy: ± 0.5%n
Power supply: 9V  battery (6F22)
Dimensions: 160mm×60mm×25mm
Weight:203g (not including batteries)
  • Using electromagnetic wave detection technology, through simple contact measurement, does not damage the surface and internal structure of the object.
  • When measuring the moisture content of leather, cloth, clothing, spinning, yarn, textiles, etc. the moisture content can be determined by simply attaching the probe to the instrument.
  • The measurement speed is fast, which can replace the traditional oven method, shorten the time of moisture measurement, operate the whole process in less than 1 minute, display the measured value in real-time, and greatly save the precious time of the detection personnel.
  • Dial operation is easy to use.
  • The design of the instrument is exquisite and the structure is compact.
  • Backlight LCD technology, clear display, low power consumption.
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