Analog DC Volt Meter 0-15V

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  • Analog DC Voltmeter
  • Range: 0-15V
  • Made in China

Analog DC Volt meter 0-15V for measuring the electrical current in the DC circuit. Apart from being used alone, it is used in the ancillary panel of the low- and high-tension switchboard, power cabinet, controlling house of the transmission and supply systems for DC power, and diverse electric control gears.

  • Accuracy: Class 2.5
  • Intrinsic Error: ±2.5%
  • Damping Response Time: Less Than 4s
  • Main Material: Plastic, copper wire circle
  • Color: Black & White
  • Measuring Range: 0-15V
  • Made in China

Broad Description of DC Volt Meter 0-15V

Discover precision and reliability with our Analog DC Volt Meter, offering accurate voltage measurements from 0 to 15 volts. Crafted with excellence and engineered for durability, this meter is an essential tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Analog DC Volt Meter 0 15V box with device


Analog DC Volt Meter 0 15V Right Side

Analog DC Volt Meter 0 15V Right Side

Key Features:

1. Wide Voltage Range: This Analog DC Volt Meter covers a range of 0 to 15 volts, providing versatility for various applications.

2. High Precision: Designed with precision in mind, this meter ensures accurate voltage readings, allowing you to monitor electrical systems with confidence.

3. Analog Display: Featuring an easy-to-read analog display, this meter offers clear and immediate voltage readings without the need for complex interpretation.

4. Durable Construction: Built to withstand demanding environments, this meter is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability in use.

5. Easy Installation: With its straightforward installation process, this Analog DC Volt Meter can be quickly integrated into your electrical systems, saving you time and effort.

6. Versatile Application: Whether you’re working in automotive, marine, industrial, or residential settings, this meter is an indispensable tool for voltage measurement and monitoring.


  • Voltage Range: 0-15 volts
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Dimensions: [Insert dimensions here]
  • Weight: [Insert weight here]
  • Origin: China

Package Includes:

– 1 x Analog DC Volt Meter 0-15V
– User Manual

Experience unparalleled accuracy and reliability in voltage measurement with our Analog DC Volt Meter. Order yours today and elevate your electrical monitoring capabilities!

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